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Rodeo Clown Matt Tarr Returns in 2017

Veteran rodeo clown Matt Tarr returns to Mandan Rodeo Days this year. Tarr, who lives in Cody, Wyoming, loves entertaining crowds.

Growing up around rodeo and livestock all his life, rodeo has always been a natural fit. At the very young age of 3, Matt started roping and always knew rodeo would be his life. Fighting bulls for 7 years, a small window opened when a clown didn’t show for a rodeo, and that walked him into what God’s true calling for him was.  With his quick wit and passion for making people smile and laugh, he is someone to watch both in and out of the arena.

He started like many other rodeo clowns, as a bullfighter protecting fallen cowboys from rodeo bulls. After working as a bullfighter for seven years, a small window of opportunity opened for Tarr when a comedy clown didn’t show for a rodeo. Filling in for that missing clown, led Tarr to his true calling.

His quick wit and passion for making people smile and laugh helped Tarr migrate to a new rodeo profession. He’s been featured at rodeos and bull riding events across North America and will perform in at least 11 states this year.

Matt usually travels with his wife Stacie and their five-year-old son Bransen, who often helps Matt with his acts.