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July 3 Rodeo to feature Mounted Shooting

Untitled-1Mandan Rodeo Days spectators again will get an introduction to the fastest growing sport in the western world on July 3. The North Dakota Mounted Shooting Association (NDMSA) will present a showcase of their athletes and horses between the bull riding and the fireworks display.

Keith Benz of the NDMSA said the demonstration would feature pistols, shotguns and rifles with individuals completing two of the more than 60 stages, the official name for mounted shooting patterns.

ndmsa1The NDMSA has more than 40 members and is growing each year. Horses can be of any age, sex or breed.

The competition is divided into different groups. The Wrangler division is for children and youth age 12 and under. Children under age 10 are allowed to run their horses through the pattern. Those ages 11-12 are allowed to shoot from the ground.

After age 12 participants move into either the men’s or women’s division. Those age 50 and over may compete in the senior men’s and senior women’s division.

Participants adhere to a strict dress code. Each stage is timed and a shooter is assessed a five-second penalty for missing a balloon target, a penalty for knocking over a designated gate (pole holding a balloon target) and a ten-second penalty for dropping a gun. There is also a time penalty if a shooter’s hat comes off before the time starts.

For more information, visit their website or watch this video.